Board of Advisors

  • Lindor Bexheti

    From 2013 has worked for NGO Labyrinth in Prishtina, Kosovo as a Social Worker, coordinating educators and outreach work in three major cities in Kosovo, as a part of the Global Fund project in Kosovo. Most of his work focuses around harm reduction activity, including needle and syringe exchange programs and advocating for human rights […]

    Position: Kosovo representative

  • Dimitar Karagegov

    Program manager of Bulgarian Libertarian Society or Fieldmarshal at Liberty 420. – Liberty 420 is focused on legalization of all drugs in Bulgaria. Our aim is to develop tools and practices that will help less people to end up in police stations, hospitals, mental clinics and coffins.

    Position: Bulgarian representative


  • Irena Molnar

    Irena has BA and MA in Social Anthropology and she was graduate student of Southeast European Studies at University of Athens, Faculty of political science, South East European Studies. As an anthropologist she gain degree doing research on „RAVE subculture as intangible cultural heritage of Serbia“, but also did several researches in the region of […]

    Position: Board member


  • Jan Stola

    Jan is one of the founders of YODA, and has been acting as its coordinator since 2013. He is also formally a president of Foundation Youth Organisations for Drug Action, which is a legal entity for our network. Jan graduated in social policy at University in Warsaw. Since 2007 he has been involved in a […]

    Position: President


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