• Eva Césarová

    Eva is an activist from the Czech Republic who is involved in various activities related to drug policy, harm reduction, psychedelics and addiction. She studied Marketing Communications and Film Production and eventually switched to Addictology (current studies) at the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. She is partially working in the National Institute of Mental Health as a […]

    Position: Individual Member representative for Czech Republic

  • Stefan Pejic

    As an anthropology student with a graphic design background who absolutely loves museums, Stefan was drawn to marketing and museology, but very soon realized that those fields just didn’t cut it for him. He needed something that was focused on making some changes in our society and that’s when Re Generation came into play. In […]

    Position: Youth Ambassador for Serbia

  • Piotr Markiełaŭ

    Piotr is the communications director of Legalize Belarus civic education and advocacy campaign in Belarus. The campaign is aimed at civic education about psychoactive substances and advocacy for decriminalisation of small amounts of controlled drugs in Belarus. Piotr used to study theoretical physics in Belarusian State University, but was expelled twice in connection with his […]

    Position: Belarus Representative

    e-mail: pmarkielau [at]

  • Marija Milić

    Marija Milić is social worker, and she is working in NGO Juventas from 2008, first as an apprentice, then as project assistant, and now as a coordinator of harm reduction program for People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) and Sex Workers (SW). With NGO Juventas she participated in numerous trainings, seminars and conferences, regarding PWID/SW, public […]

    Position: Montenegro Representative

  • Berina Bahić

    Berina is an advanced university student of Law at the University of Tuzla.  She started working for NGO Margina 3 years ago as a project coordinator for harm reduction programs in Tuzla region and a Leader of Volunteer center. Most of their work focused around drug policy and harm reduction, including needle and syringe exchange programs. […]

    Position: Bosnian Representative

  • Sabína Brédová

    Sabína works for slovak civil society organization, Prima, as a Coordinator of Contact Centre. Prima operates in the capital city Bratislava as 1 of 3 organizations working on harm reduction base. Sabína has 2 years experience in working with active drug users and people working in sex business. She studied missionary and charity work at […]

    Position: Slovakian Representative

  • Florian Scheibein

    Florian Scheibein is a Deputy Director of Help Not Harm, a Community Integration Officer with Depaul Ireland, a PhD Candidate in Waterford Institute of Technology and an International Working Group Member of Youth RISE. He has a BSc. in Herbal Science, a MSc. in Science Communication and a MSc. in Drug and Alcohol Policy. His […]

    Position: Individual member representative for Ireland

  • Iga Kender-Jeziorska

    Iga is a student of Political Sciences Doctoral School at Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB), with a main research focus on the recreational drug use and gender aspects. She started to work in a drug policy and harm reduction field back in 2011, when she joined Students Drug Policy Initiative. Within SDPI she attended numerous […]

    Position: Individual member representative for Hungary and YODA team member

  • Katerina Gogova

    Katerina is a representative of the civil society organization Healthy Options Project Skopje – HOPS, operating in the city of Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. She has over three years’ experience in working with active drug users in the field of harm reduction as medical stuff in HOPS. She is currently a medical student. Katerina’s everyday […]

    Position: Macedonian Representative

  • Ayesha Mian

    Ayesha was a former head of SSDP UK and been involved with YODA for a while before becoming communications officer. Currently she is a medical student with an educational background in public/global health. Ayesha strongly believes in the power of young people to challenge the injustices that we all face today. By giving them the […]

    Position: Communications for YODA

    e-mail: ayesha.mian [at]

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