Irena has BA and MA in Social Anthropology and she was graduate student of Southeast European Studies at University of Athens, Faculty of political science, South East European Studies. As an anthropologist she gain degree doing research on „RAVE subculture as intangible cultural heritage of Serbia“, but also did several researches in the region of SEE regarding electronic music events related to culture and substance use. She was, among rest, interested in social aspects of drug use that led her professional career development to engagement in drug policy and its reform. Throughout years she was involved in projects regarding vulnerable communities like Roma and youth in risk and in addition she is advocating for implementation of nightlife outreach programs in Serbia and the region. She is co-founder of NGO Re Generation where she is program officer for 5 years now, working mostly as project manager. She is active in video advocacy work and interested in research concerning new ways of education and senzibilization of society regarding psychoactive substances and substance use. Irena is also working for Drug Policy Network South East Europe, as Office Manager and Communication Officer and she previously was Representative of Re Generation to Youth Organisations for Drug Action in Europe (YODA).