My official position in ReGeneration is an intern, in area of policy analytics.  I am interested in drug policy in general, with a focus on psychedelics and cannabis research. What drove me to engage in work related to drugs is the injustice towards the users and the inhumane approach, though these are relative things depending on the context, what social, political, geographical, but also economic and legal one. With anthropological background, my area of work is primarily writing about various social and drug related topics, but I’ve been engaged in ReGeneration’s harm reduction program for two years. For this period of time, I have worked on several campaigns such as „Support don’t punish” and „State of rave” where I’ve been participating in the organisation of these events and also doing direct outreach work with people. Speaking about the future I envision the creation of the transnational legal framework bound regarding the use and abuse of drugs that we will come through by associations, networking and network creation.