In July 2016 YODA started a series of three workshops, during which we explored the topics that we identified as most crucial for the work of the youth NGO’s working with young people using drugs:

• Work with young people using drugs problematically
• Work with young people using drugs recreationally
• Management in the non-governmental organizations
• Volunteers – recruitment, cooperation, support of their professional development
• Utilizing traditional and new media in the work of drug NGO

The results of our work were published and are available here [mirror]

During 58th session of Commission on Narcotic Drugs we have organized a side-event together with Government of Poland, about youth drug use, policies related to it and their effects in Poland, Belgium and Serbia.

You can find the presentations from this meeting here:
Drug criminalization and decriminalization in Poland, Jan Stola
Harm reduction services for young people who use drugs in Belgium, Erik Helderweert
From recreational drug use in party settings to problematic drug use among youth in Serbia, Irena Molnar

Also, check out our infographic with some fact about drug use and policies in YODA member countries!

Youth drug use in Europe



drugs harms

Report on the drug use and the state of harm reduction services for young people in a number of European countries. The paper covers variety of issues, including drug consumption trends, new psychoactive substances, harm reduction programs sustainability and HIV/AIDS.

Featured countries are:

  • Albania
  • Italy
  • Montenegro
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • United Kingdom

Paper’s contributors were predominantly young professionals and activists working in the drug policy and harm reduction organisations, in the listed countries. Despite economic, historical, social and cultural differences we have found a number of common issues, especially regarding the funding, drug use trends and new psychoactive substances.

You can download the paper here [mirror].