IDPC and its members have written a letter to urge Philippines Congress to not pass the bill to re-instate the death penalty. Congress plans to pass the bill before the Christmas break which will start on the 16th December.

President Duterte has been on a killing spree, with a 3000+ death toll so far,  against supposed drug users via aggressive police operations and vigilante groups. This has extended to anyone who opposes his brutal tactics in a vain attempt to reduce the ‘drug problem’. Many innocent people have been murdered, and this includes politicians and government officials Duterte clams to be involved in the illegal drugs trade. Duterte has actively spoken out against anyone who stands in his way including threatening to kill human rights defenders.

ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human rights have called on Philippine legislators to stop their fast tracking of re-instating the death penalty. A number of organisation have also signed and send the letter to members of the Philippines Congress. Find out more with this Al-Jazeera report and you can read the YODA has signed and sent in full below:

***Letter to Philippines Congress against Death Penalty***

  INPUD and ANPUD have been working hard campaigning against this starting with their Global week of Action. You can show your support by

  • Donate- visit their website and get in touch first (ANPUD, INPUD)
  • Visit their websites and take action from the options listed- get in touch with them if you have any other ideas
  • Sign on to the letter above and sending to Philippines Congress- get in touch with IDPC for the details of who to send to