YODA member Plug-Inn, based in Belgium, are organizing a conference. Check out the details below and spread the word.

Youth is our future- leave no one behind!

Date: 1st June 2017 DATE RESCHEDULED TO JANUARY 2018, final date to be confirmed

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Target Audience: healthcare workers, scientists, local policymakers, visitors of the Plug-Inn/Free Clinic center, anyone else interested in the subject

Language: Dutch. One presentation from Fellow YODA organisation will be in English

Cost: 50 euros

Facebook event link

More information and tickets here



  • Introduction Plug-INN
  • Advocacy for and by youngsters -YODA member
  • Vulnerability and addiction by Prof. Dr. Frieda Matthys.




  • Feasibility of a Flemish Plug-INN: results and conclusions.
  • It’s all about the money: Who’s paying for everything?


  • Taking care of vulnerable youngsters with addiction problems.
  • The roof is on fire: Where may/can/must I live?

Plug Inn Conference 2017